Celebrity Tie-ups


If consumers are going to take style advice from anyone, one of the best-dressed men in the world is a good starting point. While there can be benefits of celebrity or talent endorsement it should not necessarily be an automatic strategy for any brand. However, any retailers considering such tie-ups need to remember the connection must be credible and relevant. Used smartly – as can be assumed in this case – well targeted celebrity relationships can give brands a boost, providing a great way to generate engaging content that customers might actually want to see across multiple channels. The celebrity should feel truly part of the partnership, and not just for the fee; they must live the story beyond the advert


Let us explain you with an example

We source the outfit to the celebrity : If Jacqueline Fernandez has her movie promotion/appearance/going for award or any media outing the stylist contact us to source outfit and jewellery and due credits are given on stylist social pages and all over their blogs. It is the most important part of whole PR as it is maximum exposure to brand and it is how brand start building. It is actually at least three months activity as we constantly call journalist and stylist and introduce them to the brand.

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