• Editorial shoot – Editorial photo-shoot is very similar to fashion photo-shoot in the sense that editorial photography is usually not about selling a product but something greater. In fashion photography it’s the lifestyle, in editorial photography it’s the story or the theme. As with fashion photography, the proper lighting is of utter importance. Let’s say you are shooting an editorial about a girl travelling. If the story is about the joy and the happiness, you would of course use very friendly and open lighting to emphasise this mood. If on the other hand the story is about the dangers of travelling, your lighting would be much more dramatic and instead of a beach on a sunny day, you may choose a dark alley. So here in YourCustomBranding we create story for your brand
  • Product features – we help you in getting featured in World top magazines like Harper bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Femina, Cosmopolitan etc..
  • Interview ( when the brand is well known in the market) – so as we mentioned once your brand is well known in the market we help you in publish your interview in all type of print media..

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