Every company would like to sell more units and increase profits after all, that’s the nature of business! But if you want to sell, sell, sell, you need to first PR, PR, PR! Public relations is a cost-effective way to give you company, product or service the national or local media attention that it deserves. One of the most popular PR mediums is print. Anyone wanting to fully understand their media footprint, even in this Facebook/Twitter age, should include print media monitoring in their PR measurement mix.

While we at YourCustomBranding fully recognise (and sympathise) with the business challenges many newspapers have faced in recent years, this “traditional” form of media still does amazing work. Newspapers just can’t be matched as a convenient, low-cost, thorough news information source. Here are four print media strengths to think about when considering your public relations effort:
1. In most towns and cities, the local newspaper still has the biggest staff of journalists. Hand-in-hand with a good bullpen is the idea of specialisation. A beat reporter (health, business, education, government, etc.) can be a big help to an organisation looking to promote, publicise or influence behaviour.
2. Especially in smaller communities, people read their hometown newspaper from front to back. Most weeklies operate without any local media competition, and are open to story ideas and submitted news releases.
3. Newspapers are easy to use and are everywhere. They can be dropped at your doorstep, left out (for free) at businesses for customers, and everyone knows how to use them. And as long as a newspaper isn’t in a trash can, the information it provides is ready for the taking by anyone of any age. No batteries or WiFi required.
4. Most community/business leaders and decision makers look to newspapers as the most credible source of information. This isn’t simply a matter of #samerules vs #newtools. Newspaper editors provide a real check-and-balance on news stories that most bloggers will never have. Fact-checking and accuracy is a big deal.

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